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The Everyday Economist

Interesting article. I have to post just to prove your point.

Today I'm going to discuss the economics of blogging as well, so you might want to read it and check it out.

One thing I would add, is that you can set up a Blogger account as well, and then have it point to your current blog. The Blogger Account blog will never show up, but now the users of Blogger will be able to search and find you on the Blogger site, and will be directed to your current blog.

It allows one to have blogs on all the major accounts, but use the functionality of whichever platform the blogger prefers. All the while, boosting the Google rating as now the Blogger, Typepad, etc. free blogs point to the central blog, the link count goes up.

Thanks for using my blog as the example, by the way.


Susan Reynolds

RE> I just didn't want to pay for their premium services. I rather save the money for more art supplies and chocolate.<

Good point, Amy. I thought about using Typepad's sister, Moveable Type w/ my own server but I still resisted having to learn aboutthat process. Somehow I'd rather have a professional screw up my files than trusting myself to do it. :^) And oh yes, on the chocolate. More $ for Godiva Truffles would never hurt!

Amy Eileen Koester

Susan, you are the first person to explain trackbacks clearly for me. I particularly am happy to understand WHY it is done. :)

You mentioned WordPress, which is the blogging software I use. My blog is installed on my personal server, so I have total control of the look as well as the data. WP also offers free WordPress blogs, which would be a good way to check them out.

I used TypePad when it was free, and really loved it. I just didn't want to pay for their premium services. I rather save the money for more art supplies and chocolate. Wait! is chocolate considered an art supply?

Susan Reynolds

Absolutely do-able Kathy. Your blog is clean and nicely designed and will be easy to nearly duplicate. Plus you won't have to do any more html to add links in your right column. I'd like to see my name there too :^) and you can add multiple lists easily with "typelists", using only a few easy to fill-in boxes.

My suggestions would be to go ahead and sign up for Typepad's trial period so you can get a feel for how the process of setting up your format (layout, colors etc.) works.

Next I'd add new posts in the new blog - and maybe putting duplicate content in your blogger blog just in case you hate typepad (see - I'm open minded).

When you feel comfortable doing so, you could then transfer your older files. However Blogger doesn't make leaving them easy since the last thing I read said that they don't have a decent format to export the files. And I didn't think the instructions they give at were terribly helpful.

But continuing to post there just makes more stuff to trasnfer later when you decide to do that. Looking at Wordpress might be helpful too, just to be "fair and balanced" :^). Good luck!

KAthy LaRocco


So far this is the best explanation of pinging and tracking. You did a great job and finally I am beginning to see a light. But....a lot of time was spent setting up my blog on blogger. Can you just transfer the contents to typepad? Gosh I would hate to retype that stuff but yet I think some of it would be of interest to other artists.

pondering here in northern IL.

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