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Mai-Liis Peacock

I believe that we are 90% of any challenge. If we can get out of our own way by figuring out tricks which work for us, we can accomplish amazing things. Marketing is not brain surgery,(though it can feel like it!) and a lot of it is free.

eBeth Parsons

I must try this little game with myself as I find marketing most painful.


Susan Reynolds

Aha - and because great minds think alike, here are some other ideas off the top of my head:

- Do as much guerrilla marketing as possible because "Free" is a good thing - at least when you select the right kind of "free".

- Whenever possible, leave comments on blog entries and send trackbacks to blog entries that are
a.) by an author whose readership would be good for you to tap into and/or
b.) colleagues or others you'd like to establish a mutually advantageous connection to. Now THAT is _really_ something that costs you nothing but a couple of minutes every day or two.

- Reading every word Denise Wakeman has to say is a good place to start. See:

- Send out press releases to both print and online media at least once a month, and always include photos. Including in your photo and/or text a child, a pet or someone with a "good cause" can't hurt.

- Publish articles on communities like "Gather" where what you wirte will get readership from people who don't have to
1.) be part of your yahoo group's very limited membership and
2.) may come to read someone else's content and find yours as well!

- Connecting with "Get Known Now" author Suzanne Falter-Barnes at
can't do anything but help.

- Learn the basics of making about Blog platforms and making the most of your Blog. Click on one of the links in the right column for invaluable Blog Guru Resources. There are some things you just have to have in your blog platform or your time and energy is not maximized.

- Of course in a fit of shameless self-promotion I have to say that hanging on MY every word is always beneficial too :^)

Carole Pivarnik

I've been getting Robert Genn's newsletter for some time and LOVE IT! His tone, the topics he selects, and the art on his website are all enjoyable.

The problem with marketing is the lack of instant validation that you've made good decisions or wisely invested your marketing dollars. There are so many options, so many different possible ways to slice and dice our always limited resources. I try to work from a rough plan so I at least have *some* idea where I'm headed. It's easy to get distracted though.

Take a look at Jim Monroe's site -- he offers a lot of good ideas about marketing on a (nonexistent) budget. He's funny, too.

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