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KAthy LaRocco


As far as I know, the Art squared group is not juried. I agree, there are some squares that are not in my taste and maybe there are those that have just jumped on the band wagon, but I think the buyer can judge for themselves. Unfortunately with the Ebay type of community it is very difficult to jury work. My intent is to eventually develop a following , if you will, and get my name out there. I have not been active lately because I have been doing some commisiioned work and art for a few shows. Thanks for your thoughts.



I really like some of these squares but there doesn't seem to be an attention to quality from some of the artists. I saw some stuff that was supposed to be teacups or something from some lady I can't remember right now and it looked really sloppy.

Don't the artists in the art squared group have to have some kind of minimum skill level or get juried in to be part of the group? I can't see how this would be good for the serious people like Kathy to just have anybody say that they are part of this and advertise that.


Wow what a great idea, 4 x 4 ART Squares, I love it. The art piece shown is lovely & I found it on eBay along with others.

I also joined the Art Squared Yahoo Group to help fulfill my need of learning more about "paper art".

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