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angela penny

i'm so happy that you have a doctor that you like and a plan. i pray they don't find any more bad stuff. It must be comforting in a way to be able to take care of things so quickly. thank you for sharing your experience with us.

loads of love and healing thoughts,


Do you know how wonderful you are to share this with all of us? Do you know how lucky we are to know you? And do you know that three pea-ple told me they did their breast self-exams yesterday?

Let there be peas on earth, and let it begin with thee. :-)

Take good care of yourself. We all love you.

-Laura K


I am delighted to hear that you have found a good doctor and have a clear plan of attack. I know you will come out of this stronger than ever! Peas be with you!


I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you found a doctor who you connect and can talk with. You are amazing and brave and I can't wait to get to know you better (Thank you Connie Reece!).

My Mom and her sisters were each touched by breast cancer - if you ever need another set of ears (although I'm sure you're stocked up!) mine are available.

Peas be with you.


Francine Hardaway

Susan, no fear! It sounds like you will be fine. I know it sounds harsh to say that when right now it seems like such a big thing, but so many of my friends are survivors. It is all about getting the right treatment quickly. There are nutritional support rules, too. I don't know them by heart, but I know my daughter looked them up once for a friend of hers. My late husband told me that breast cancer was an epidemic in the US, and that risk factors mean nothing when 1 in 7 women get it. Stick with me, I'm an optimist. That's always a help once all the info is in.


Bottom line - we love you.

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  • Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
    My form of breast cancer is less common than others. In fact only about 6 to 8% of cases of breast cancer are the invasive form that is based in the lobules, not in the milk ducts.

    Invasive, sometimes called Infiltrating, is a scary word. In most cases this form of breast cancer has been present for 8–10 years when detected by a mammogram or physical exam.

    In my case there was clearly an area that felt thickened or dense on December 6, 2007. A mammogram the next afternoon was not able to detect it but it clearly appeared on ultrasound and was confirmed by multiple biopsies the same day.

    During those 8 to 10 years the cancer took to become apparent to me, there has been plenty of opportunity for those invasive cells to get out of the breast and spread to the rest of the body.

    It is after all, by definition, an invasive form of cancer.

    Each year about 190 thousand women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the US and about 40 thousand women will die of the disease. The larger the mass is when discovered the more risk. Mine had tentacled almost 5cm into the surrounding tissue and two other areas in the breast were discovered as well.

    My chances of living another 10 years without cancer in another area are about 40%. The likelihood of one of my other underlying health conditions doing the job before that is 20%. it took a few months to get used to that idea.

    Now though my attitude is that at least I know what I'm facing. It's just not what I expected. Life changes in an instant.

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