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Jen Cardew

I had an abdominal laparoscopy about 6 years ago that left me with four incisions near my waist. Since the incisions were near the waist band of where my pants fit and your waist is a pretty essential part to sitting up, I needed to make my clothing choices wisely too. I found that satin and silk type clothes that fit loosely were more comfortable than most fabrics. I also wore good-quality cotton nightgown-type dresses.

I hope you find something that will work and I'm really glad that you're thinking a head about this. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, keep the updates coming :)


Wow! Reading your blog is interesting. I just had a lump removed Thursday. My breast is killing me! It wasn't a small incision. Hope to find out results tomorrow (Monday). I have been assuming everything would be fine (I have no idea why?) but made myself sick worrying yesterday. Decided to go into denial today and feel much better!
I'm scared but reading your blog helps.
Just a very sore breast but loose tops are a must.

Teri L

I wasn't a candidate either- being 33 yrs old, with no family history. Everyone knows BrCa is an post menopausal disease, right?

Indulge in what makes you happy, lean on the people who will let you.

For whatever reason, men's clothing- shirts- can be much more comfortable and roomy than women's, and if your husband is obliging, and would wear them the first few times, well you get the added bonus of the continuous "hug" of your best beloved- so important to recovery. Add some funky and interesting accessories and voila! You've got a wardrobe.

Thoughts and prayers are with you, from this 15 yr BrCa survivor.



i recently saw your story on twitter and had to add my support. i'm now a giant pea on twitter, and will try to get a bunch of australians to pea up for you too...



Sending hugs and support. I saw all these pea people and when I read your story, I was inclined to give some $$ to breast cancer although I do give $$ every year to breast cancer research.

My mother is a survivor of thyroid cancer for they took out her ENTIRE thyroid about 19 years ago. She is very healthy and I know you will be healthy too.

Just know you are in our prayers!



My prayers continue to be with you dear.

Don't know if you checked eBay, but I found a store there that carries medical specialty clothes http://stores.ebay.com/SNAPPY-T-SHIRT-MEDICAL-STORE

Gentle {{HUGS}} to you....

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